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From our Clients

“The [Commissionaires] we interact with are a real pleasure to deal with.  They approach every situation with diplomacy, as opposed to some other sites where it almost seems like they’re trying to catch people doing things wrong.  Most corrections start with “Next time, could you please….” We really appreciate how quickly they respond to our requests, and are very cooperative whenever we ask for the dog to come through our lunch room or when we are bringing a new vehicle on site.”

Phil Acheson Project Manager – Capital Region, Brock Canada Industrial Ltd., North West Redwater Partnership

“The Sheriffs and Security Operations Branch employs members of the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires in a number of areas of our operations, including Perimeter Security at Court facilities and government buildings.  We are very pleased with their professionalism and performance of duties, and they are of great assistance to us in meeting our security mandate.”

R.B. (Rick) Taylor, MOM Former Executive Director/Chief Sheriff, Alberta Sheriffs and Security Operations Branch

“Based on a long-standing relationship, the Corps of Commissionaires are an important partner in the Edmonton Police Service achieving our vision of making Edmonton the safest major city in Canada.  As colleagues in safety and security, the Corps will continue to be an important asset in our community policing service delivery model well into the future.”

Rod Knecht Former Chief of Police, Edmonton Police Service

“The Commissionaires provide professionally trained guards.  The organization has team members with a wealth of real world experience backed by strong administrative support so that your people and assets are protected while the business side is always taken care of.”

Andrew Sterne Director, Custodial & Security Services Concordia University College of Alberta

“Commissionaires provides a professional and well trained security team to our operating plant in Edmonton.  They have proven to be reliable in the aspects of not missing time, always being professionally attired, thorough in conducting their duties, and willing to participate as part of the overall site team.”

Rick Ingram EHS Manager Celanese EVA Polymers

“The Commissionaires provide an invaluable service at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium.  Their professionalism and ability to deal exceptionally well with the public makes them the ideal security provider for our venue.  The individual commissionaires at this venue have proven time and time again that they are part of the fabric of our operations.”

Katherine Huising Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium


From Our Commissionaires

“I have been with the Corps for over 25 years and believe one hundred percent in what the Corps does.  I continue to enjoy my time with the Corps and the people that I meet.”

Don Murphy Edmonton

“I enjoy the job and people I work with. There are always new things to learn and new people to meet as nothing stays the same.  Being with the Corps has given me the ability to use all the things that I learned working in the civilian work force, but also the things that I learned at College/University.”

Cheryl Barker MP Dispatcher, 1 Military Police Unit, Wainwright

“I joined the Commissionaires in May of 2001. My time here has been personally rewarding and has given me opportunities to expand my skill set.  My experiences have been very positive allowing me to meet and interact with a wide variety of people. I have found this to be a very gratifying career.”

Ronnie Loeder Operations Centre Manager

“Everyone at this detachment from the senior staff on down to my fellow co-workers are outstanding teachers who take pride in their work as Commissionaires. They have all helped me through the transition from medical/fire to police dispatching and the security role. What does it mean to me to be a Commissionaire? A sense of pride to belong to a family of dedicated employees committed to the safety and security of MPs we dispatch and the public we serve.”

Corrina Skinner MP Dispatcher, 1 Military Police Unit, Wainwright