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Building Leaders

October 25, 2023

In today’s competitive economy, training and skills development for employees is more important than ever for Commissionaires. Here’s an overview of the recent CSC1 supervisors course that took place in Edmonton October 10-13.

This year, 12 individuals from the Edmonton area, Northern Alberta and Wainwright attended CSC1 training and, for the first time, we also had RCMP Guard supervisors attend. The aim of the course is to provide leadership and management training to the candidates. Specific lessons are aimed at teaching and enhancing operational skills and knowledge that will aid them while performing their duties as supervisors with the Corps.

Course instructors pass on attitudes, knowledge and training that helps prepare the supervisors to function in their role in accordance with all necessary policies set out by the Corps and standards expected of a good supervisor. The course includes lectures and workshops during which candidates, working together in syndicates, find solutions to specific problems relating to the various subjects covered on the course. The syndicate leader will then present the solution to the remainder of the course.

Topics include Role of the Supervisor, Leadership and Management, the Supervisors Management Function, Coping with Change, OH&S for Supervisors, Basic Communication Skills, Respect in the Workplace, Dealing with Staff Members, Personnel and Personal Issues, Generations in the Workplace, Progressive Discipline, Delegation and Empowerment, Legal Responsibilities as a Supervisor, Admin Duties, Managing Conflict, Client Relationships as well as Ethics.