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From Clients

“The Sheriffs and Security Operations Branch employs members of the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires in a number of areas of our operations, including Perimeter Security at Court facilities and government buildings.  We are very pleased with their professionalism and performance of duties, and they are of great assistance to us in meeting our security mandate.  R.B. (Rick) Taylor, MOM, Executive Director/Chief Sheriff, Alberta Sheriffs and Security Operations Branch”

R.B. (Rick) Taylor, MOM
Executive Director/Chief Sheriff
Alberta Sheriffs and Security Operations Branch

Based on a long-standing relationship, the Corps of Commissionaires are an important partner in the Edmonton Police Service achieving our vision of making Edmonton the safest major city in Canada.   As colleagues in safety and security, the Corps will continue to be an important asset in our community policing service delivery model well into the future.

Chief of Police Rod Knecht
Edmonton Police Service

When CKUA moved into its new building in October, 2012 it became clear to us that we needed a more safe and secure situation in our lobby area to deal with wanted and potentially unwanted visitors.  Several options were considered and other security firms were interviewed, but in the end, we went with the Commissionaires.  It is a decision we have never regretted!  The Commissionaires have a lot of respect for their staff and support them with the training and resources necessary to allow them to provide professional services for the clients.  They also take very seriously matching the appropriate personnel to the job and CKUA has benefitted from this time and again.  We are never left stranded with our security needs and always feel comfortable raising any concerns we may have with the organization.  I highly recommend the services of the Commissionaires!

Terry Kostek  

We used the services of the Commissionaires for our biggest event and then again for a smaller scaled one and both times received very professional service.  I had absolutely no doubt that our security needs were being met as I was left feeling confident after meeting with Doug and setting out our plan.  He asked questions and had a plan for scenarios that I didn’t even consider which solidified for me that they are professionals in the industry.  I would highly recommend the security services of the Commissionaires.

Tanya Oliver
Executive Director, Bonnyville & District Chamber of Commerce

We have a vendor partnership with Commissionaires,  it is their level of professionalism in the office and at a site level that has them at the top of our list of companies that go above and beyond for Horizon North.

Their willingness to be flexible to our changing requirements and ability to help and share information even beyond their scope has been the true testament to their partnership with us.


Patrice Demers
Purchasing Manager
Horizon North Camps & Catering

As the site HSE Manager, one of my responsibilities is security. I have been elated with the professionalism and conduct provided by this company in very difficult, adverse conditions.

They have done an exceptional job for Kinder Morgan Canada Terminals at the Edmonton Terminal Rail Project. I appreciate the efforts by Justin and his team in making this a very safe and secure site.

John W Hayes
Edmonton Rail Terminal Project
HSE Manager

The Commissionaires provide professionally trained guards. The organisation has team members with a wealth of real world experience backed by strong administrative support so that your people and assets are protected while the business side is always taken care of.

Andrew Sterne
Director, Custodial & Security Services
Concordia University College of Alberta

Commissionaires provides a professional and well trained security team to our operating plant in Edmonton. They have proven to be reliable in the aspects of not missing time, always being professionally attired, thorough in conducting their duties, and willing to participate as part of the overall site team.

Rick Ingram
EHS Manager
Celanese EVA Polymers

Whether within my own headquarters, or at the many armouries and bases across Western Area, our Commissionaires are a part of the military family. Very often former soldiers and service persons themselves, they provide us with consistency and security within our garrisons and installations, allowing us to focus on our mission to defend and serve Canada

Brigadier General Mike Jorgensen,
Former Commander Land Forces Western Canada

The established partnership between the RCMP and the Commissionaires has harmonized our efforts in providing public safety. We are honoured to work shoulder to shoulder with the men and women of the Commissionaires and look forward to many more years of service together.

Former Deputy Commissioner Rod Knecht,
Commanding Officer “K” Division


I salute the entire team of Northern Alberta Commissionaires for all that you have done, and continue to do, to make the EPS a great place to work and Edmonton a safe place to call home.

Former Chief of Police Mike Boyd,
Edmonton Police Service


The men and women of the Corps of Commissionaires have consistently provided valuable service to EPCOR. We rely on their training, judgment, and experience to help us to protect our people and assets. We are proud of our connection with the Corps.

Ross Johnson,
Director of Security and Contingency Planning EPCOR Utilities Inc.


Here at Intuit, we consider the Commissionaire staff as part of the family. Without their dedication, professionalism and their pride to our organization, we would not be able to succeed. They maintain great relationships with visitors and staff and we are very satisfied.

Shawna Legacy,
Manager Workplace Services, Intuit


We have used the Commissionaires exemplary services for over five years now. Their dedication and commitment to Mammoet is greatly appreciated and we will continue to utilize their services.

Tara Power,
Manager Marketing and Communications, Mammoet Canada Western Ltd

The Commissionaires provide an invaluable service at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. Their professionalism and ability to deal exceptionally well with the public makes them the ideal security provider for our venue. The individual commissionaires at this venue have proven time and time again that they are part of the fabric of our operations.

Katherine Huising,
Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium


From Commissionaires

I have been with the Corps for over 25 years and believe one hundred percent in what the Corps does. I continue to enjoy my time with the Corps and the people that I meet.

Commissionaire Don Murphy,

I joined the Commissionaires in May of 2001. My time here has been personally rewarding and has given me opportunities to expand my skill sets. My experiences have been very positive allowing me to meet and interact with a wide variety of people. I have found this to be a very gratifying career.

Ronnie Loeder,
Commissionaire Operations Centre Manager

Being a Commissionaire means being part of a huge family. You may not always like some of them, but you know that they will always be there when you need them.

Commissionaire Shauna Colp,
Court and Community Liaison/ Evidence and property Custodian, 1 Military Police Unit, Wainwright

I enjoy the job and people I work with. There are always new things to learn and new people to meet as nothing stays the same. Being with the Corps has given me the ability to use all the things that I learned working in the civilian work force, but also the things that I learned at College/University

Commissionaire Cheryl Barker,
MP Dispatcher, 1 Military Police Unit, Wainwright

I look at the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires as a place to be very proud to serve and very lucky that the Corps exists to be there for retired members of the Canadian Forces, RCMP, other police agencies and civilians with good standing. I wear my uniform with pride and honour and stand behind the Corps. Remember: Good leadership skills, taking on responsibility and personal discipline lead the Corps to succeed.

Commissionaire John Smith,
MP Dispatcher, 1 Military Police Unit, Wainwright

Everyone at this detachment from the senior staff on down to my fellow co-workers are outstanding teachers who take pride in their work as Commissionaires. They have all helped me through the transition from medical/fire to police dispatching and the security role. What does it mean to me to be a Commissionaire? A sense of pride to belong to a family of dedicated employees committed to the safety and security of MPs we dispatch and the public we serve.

Commissionaire Corrina Skinner,
MP Dispatcher, 1 Military Police Unit, Wainwright