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Our People

We are Commissionaires

We are dedicated to providing commissionaires with rewarding employment and competitive remuneration because we understand that our people are the driving force behind our success and evolution. We provide working environments that respect our teams of professionals as well as offer opportunities for enriching skill sets and allowing commissionaires to achieve their personal goals.

We are committed to providing a positive work environment that preserves our family-oriented, employee centered corporate culture. As a not-for-profit organization, our focus is on ensuring the maximum return to our commissionaires. To this end, 94 cents out of every dollar generated is returned to our members. In addition to wages and above average benefits, we provide an additional social and welfare network in support of our commissionaires and their families.

                  Division Revenue                                                          

We recruit and assign personnel who are exceptionally motivated to manage day-to-day security operations as well as crisis situations. In many cases, former military or RCMP service provides them with skills and knowledge that enhance the executions of their day-to-day duties. Our personnel are service-oriented, dedicated, and professional and bring the highest degree of discipline and maturity to each assignment. They possess an unmatched work ethic and are exceedingly loyal. Our commitment to the highest standards of training includes the Commissionaires Security Guard Course and Supervisor Program, both of which meet Canadian General Standards Board Criteria and the Alberta Security Services Act. On-going specialized training courses ensure that our personnel attain the critical skills required to manage any workplace challenge. Our roles and responsibilities extend far beyond established security and policing duties. We provide our clients with highly qualified personnel capable of performing a variety of tasks and managing complex issues.